The Reptiles (Crocodile, Alligator, Python, Snake, Lizard)

The reptiles produced by our tannery are completely handmade. The colors are mixed with paint- brushes and pads; they melt each other to form a wonderful palette. This particular effect represents the real value of the article. The best way to take care of our reptile leather product is to assure its continuous care and conservation. Dirt, rubbing and stains from daily use which disappear without any problem if they are treated as soon as they appear.

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The Classic Leather (Cow, Calf, Lamb Nappa, Sheep, Goat)

Cocomojo creates unique and highly refined articles and only the finest quality leathers are used. First, the leather is prepared for its selection and is classified according to thickness, tonality, flexibility and particular type. Only 10% of the over-all total manages to meet the high level of quality demanded by us. Then the tanning process is initiated. Cocomojo uses natural tanning methods, which furnish a better finish and help to maintain the softness of the leather. The deep dyeing process, to which Cocomojo submits its leathers, is carried out by means of immersion in a dye, especially intended for a better natural aniline finish. Only this meticulous process makes it possible to obtain the magnificent coloring and transparency, and the flexibility and natural appearance, characteristic of the Cocomojo leather.

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The Patented Leather (Cow, Lamb Nappa)

Our most prestige tannery is the best in producing patented leathers with high technology using a sterile lab similar to operating theatre, by doing so, leather is obtaining a smooth and a perfect result like a "mirror" without defects.

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i. Leather articles should be kept in a well-ventilated, dry area, at temperatures of between 15 and 25 °C. 

ii. If the product gets wet, remove the surface water immediately either with your hand or a clothes and let the material dries in place in the shade at a normal temperature. Water can prove to be harmful if it is allowed to penetrate the leather and it can lead to the appearance of bubbles or marks which cannot be removed. 

iii. Never leave your leather product in the sun. Prolonged exposure to sunlight or to a high intensity source of light can result in a discoloring and deformation of the leather which cannot be corrected afterwards. 

iv. Rubbing and other recent marks can be removed by using a soft eraser applied gently and carefully to the leather. For suede, mettis and nubuck articles, brush the area gently afterwards. For nappa articles, pass a damp cloth lightly over the leather, in this way prevent the water from penetration into the leather. 

v. A reconstituting product should be applied periodically to the calf skin. Be careful to only use a minimum amount of the product, for an excessive application can prove harmful. Let it penetrate and then rub the leather in order to bring out the shine and eliminate the remains.