An embodiment of the multi-faceted, modern day female, Cocomojo appeals to the girl who wants to be both princess and heroine. Her emblem is a budding rose, symbolizing her fairy tale dreams and daring confidence to make those dreams come true. Prizing the rose’s harmony of delicate beauty and powerful resilience, Cocomojo created the Amelia bag. Featuring a single rosette unfolding its petals in a symmetrical fashion, Amelia proudly showcases the balanced duality in the iconic Cocomojo girl.

As Cocomojo’s signature bag, Amelia is dressed in the latest skins and fabrics each season to suit any girl’s individual style. Just like her wearer, Amelia’s strength is versatility. Wear Amelia crossbody or short on the shoulder; wear it to the movies or the opera; wear it on a date or to a wedding. Its classic box frame and spacious storage makes it ideal as an everyday carryall or a decadent accent on special occasions. Soft yet strong, traditional yet modern, Amelia is a powerful and beautiful expression of pure femininity.