2017, more than ever, I feel completely free and excited about my future. Self-confidence comes with age. As we live, we learn who we are, and with self-knowledge comes self-belief. We tend to repeat mistakes. You stumble on the same stone many times and then finally — hopefully — you learn the lesson. The few things I know about myself, I am absolutely sure of. I love what I am doing. Yesterday, I was on the street, running for a meeting, there was an old man playing his instrument and I thought to myself, “How lucky am I?” You have to be grateful for what you have in this life. I have the freedom to chase my dream, both day and night. But don’t rush. There is time for everything. Life is moving constantly. You look back at something and it is history. If you are in a crisis, don’t despair. Everything passes. Lifts, on the whole, is wonderful — even the hard parts. Suffering is an essential part of the price you pay for the most beautiful gift of all, which is living.