The level of craftsmanship and promotion of aesthetic experience should be regarded as an indispensable basis in the house of Cocomojo as well as in the Maranello headquarters. We see leather, especially exotic leather, to be an art of nature. We spend most of the time in our atelier to formulate the best combination of dying chemicals, in order to create contrasting textures and colors for each of our bags.

Cocomojo customizes to your extreme preference, just like how you customize your steering wheel, rims and aluminum body on a Ferrari. The spirit of Cocomojo essentially came from a form of folk magic, The Mojo, a magic charm, to bring good fortune and blessings to the wearer. Cocomojo designs are, in essence, captivating paradoxes created with contrasting materials, textures and colors. Ferrari designs are, with the latest accolade, creating a whole new take that delivers an effortless mix of stylistic sophistication and innovative lines. For many, there is no substitute to the raw power and emotion of a living, breathing Ferrari.

Cocomojo is the exemplar of a classic artistic and cultural mix. Adding artistic and craftsmanship excellence to the magic spell, we have Cocomojo bags that are enchanting, trend setting and truly one of a kind.

Founder of Cocomojo
Ms. Wendy Mak

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