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One of our strongest trademarks is the use of color, layer, texture and material. Each material has its own color, which gives a piece of leather its depth and richness. Another key element is texture. We experiment a lot with different techniques so when you encounter a textured piece of leather, you want to reach out and touch it. This subsequently creates an intimacy between the accessory and its wearer, a tactile relationship that enhances the visual design.

I see my studio as a laboratory where we try new techniques and a mix of materials. Along the way we edit and adapt certain elements, but ultimately, it is an intuitive process that creates itself. I find this discovery stage extremely important for working on a new collection. Only after we experiment do the story and dreams follow.

- Wendy M.

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We are indeed proud of our fantastically talented designers, but we also celebrate the refined skills of our artisans and craftsmen. We are proud to be one-of-a-kind artisans. No two Cocomojo pieces are the same, making it discerning addition to your existing handbag collection.



Lasting relationships call for durable products, and every product in our range is designed for exceptional sustainability. All of our products are up to the international standards, both in quality and eco-status of the materials used. Our products have an ethical and eco dimension, we engaged in sourcing and developing leathers that can be recycled and sustainable; hardware that is non-toxic and nickel-free.



Our audience is independent, affluent, stylish and fashion-conscious, has a taste for niche luxury. Weary of the institution of prominent designer labels, she craves for an all-refreshing representation of luxury that is alluring, cheeky and individualistic. It’s never been just about accessories, it’s about lifestyle.



We specialise in leather development, product design and technological manufacturing of handbags and accessories. With CFDA in-house design and merchandising talent, sourcing, production capabilities, we work on R&D, sampling and production for worldwide brands.

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